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Library Strategic Planning Survey Results – Text

Alamosa Planning Survey The Alamosa Public Library strives to serve our community. To that end, we have been engaged in preliminary work for developing a strategic plan. Over the past year, the Library Manager and the Board have been working to develop and deliver a survey to members of our community, to identify their concerns and priorities. Two surveys were developed
  • 156 were collected from library users, via email .
  • 199 were collected from the general public in person at community events.
Some questions were unique to each survey variant, and those are noted. Multiple Choice Questions Have you used these library services?
Yes No What is This
Customer Service 282 65 1
Materials for Children 175 160
Materials for Teens 136 196
Materials for Adults 267 75 3
Special Items 99 228 7
Programs and Events 150 179 5
Online Services 121 195 21
Computers, Printers and Internet 217 124 2
Special Tech and Assistance 104 219 10
Local History Room 90 208 13
  *This was asked of both users and non-users.   How important are the following Library services to you?
Important Neutral Not Important What is This?
Checking out materials 146 6 4 0
Getting help from staff when I have questions 129 25 1 0
Programs and events 87 52 14 0
Computers, printers and internet 72 54 26 0
Special technology and assistance 53 61 36 1
Study and meeting rooms 60 58 31 2
Online Services 79 52 17 5
Local history resources 71 56 24 2
  How do you find out what’s happening at the Library?
I don’t know what’s happening in the library 30
Library paper calendar 30
Newspaper 31
Facebook 33
Word of mouth 47
Signs and fliers 51
Library staff 53
Library website 85
  *These were asked of only users. Free Text Questions – Library Users If money were no object, what three things would you do to make the Library even better?
Staff support 6
Building – larger, additions 7
Technology 10
Promotion/Awareness 13
Hours 15
Library Spaces 40
Collection 74
Specific event suggestions 84
  What about the Library do you value most? What is most helpful or important to you?
Community 5
Information 5
Presence 6
Spaces 11
Programs 22
Technology 23
Staff 33
Collection 82
Free Text Questions – General Public What keeps you from using the Library?
Library open hours 5
Lack of knowledge 5
Lack of need 12
Lack of transportation 12
Lack of free time 16
  What three things could the Library do to make you visit more?
More meeting space 3
Extend evening/weekend hours 10
Collection suggestions 13
Publicize more 23
Specific event suggestions 51
  If there were no limits, what would you do to make the community better?
Community spirit 6
Cleanup 6
Transportation 6
Crime 7
Food and Food Insecurity 7
Information/Resource sharing 8
Main St./Downtown 9
Income inequity 10
Addiction 11
Housing/Homelessness 26
Activities/Venues/Events 46
  What makes you proud to be part of this community?
Diversity 8
History 8
Grew up here/”It’s home” 9
Nature 10
Amenities/Resources 14
Community Spirit/People 50
  What does the community most need?
Cleanup 5
Transportation 7
Drugs 8
Crime/Safety 9
Community spirit 10
Housing 21
Events/Activities/Venues 42
  Demographic Questions These questions were optional. Age
Under 18 7
19-25 27
26-35 48
36-45 52
46-55 28
56-65 51
66-75 45
76+ 13
Female 197
Male 67
Non-Binary 3
Woman-Adjacent 1
Trans 1
English 160
Spanish 9
English/Spanish 4
Q’anhobal 1
White 173
Hispanic/Latino 70
Native American 9
African-American 5
Multiracial 2
Asian/Pacific Islander 1
  Live Within or Outside Alamosa
Inside 128
Outside 73
  How has the Library helped you? The Library in Alamosa has been a warm place to work, a readily available computer, inexpensive copies and prints, a safe place for my children over Spring Break and a peaceful respite from a chaotic world. Thank you. It has helped me to read books I enjoy and my children enjoy. We are able to read new material and save money because we don’t have to purchase a book while money is a bit tight these days due to rising costs. My kids love coming to the library programs, storytime, and sometimes color or do a puzzle. Very helpful to get on the internet when I was homeless 6 years ago, I found a home on FB, without the library I would not have survived When I moved to Alamosa I was largely cut off from the internet. My cell provider barely had any coverage. The library came to the rescue. Thank you! They help with everything. They have never not helped. And most pay companies don’t do that. I love the library! Immensely. It is our safe space, our place to go to relax, get stimulated, have fun and get good reading material.
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