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February 2011

200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans: Crochet Squares to Mix and Match

Contributor(s): Eaton, Jan (Author)

From Art Deco-inspired geometric designs to traditional checkerboard stripes and elaborate motifs, this guide helps crafters rediscover crochet with more than 200 fabulous block patterns. Employing traditional styles and contemporary colors, crocheted blocks inspire crafters to create a dynamic palette of color, pattern, and texture by mixing, matching, and combining. Step-by-step instructions accompany each pattern, along with stunning photographs that encourage crocheters to explore a range of color combinations and coordinates. A directory of blocks is cross-referenced with symbols that describe the techniques used and the degree of difficulty, and each pattern is designed so that finished blocks are the same size when they are worked in yarn of the same weight. A useful refresher course of crochet stitches and techniques is included, as are patterns for edgings and instructions on making fringes to finish off afghans in style.

BISAC Categories: Crafts & Hobbies | Needlework | Crocheting

The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life

Contributor(s): Beck, Glenn (Author); Ablow, Keith Russell (Author)

Radio and television personality and #1 bestselling author Beck, together with psychiatrist Ablow, shares the inspirational story of the seven simple principles that changed Beck's life.

BISAC Categories: Self-Help | Motivational & Inspirational; Self-Help | Spiritual; Biography & Autobiography | Personal Memoirs

Admiral of the Ocean Sea: A Life of Christopher Columbus

Contributor(s): Morison, Samuel Eliot (Author)

Telling the story of the greatest sailor of them all, "Admiral of the Ocean Sea" is a vivid and definitive biography of Columbus that details all of his voyages that, for better or worse, changed the world. 50 drawings, maps & charts; 4 fold-outs.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Historical | General; History | Expeditions & Discoveries

Alzheimer's Early Stages: First Steps for Family, Friends and Caregivers

Contributor(s): Kuhn, Daniel (Author); Bennett, David A (Foreword by)

This edition includes the latest information on Alzheimer's risk factors, treatments, and prevention, as well as a new chapter, "Voices of Experience, " composed of reflections by family members. 17 tables.

BISAC Categories: Health & Fitness | Diseases | Alzheimer's & Dementia

American Cancer Society's Complete Guide to Colorectal Cancer (Revised)

Contributor(s): Levin, Bernard (Editor); Ades, Terri (Editor); Brooks, Durado (Editor); Crane, Christopher H (Editor); Hoff, Paulo M (Editor); Couric, Katie (Foreword by)

This quick and easy guide to the latest information about complementary and alternative methods most commonly available to people with cancer includes more than 200 entries covering herbs, vitamins, minerals, mind/body/spirit, diet and nutrition, physical touch, and biological methods.

BISAC Categories: Health & Fitness | Diseases | Cancer

American Medical Association Family Medical Guide (Revised and Updated)

Contributor(s): American Medical Association (Manufactured by) BISAC Categories: Health & Fitness | Reference

Arctic Drift

Contributor(s): Cussler, Clive (Author); Cussler, Dirk (Author)

A priceless find that could save the planet . . . an international conspiracy of devastation . . . Dirk Pitt is back, in his 20th adventure. Now available in a tall Premium Edition. A rollicking and exciting tale.--"Library Journal." (Men's Adventure)

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Men's Adventure

The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire That Saved America

Contributor(s): Egan, Timothy (Author)

In "The Worst Hard Time," Egan put the environmental disaster of the Dust Bowl at the center of a rich history. Now he performs the same alchemy with this story of the largest-ever forest fire in America, painting a moving portrait of the people who lived through the disaster.

BISAC Categories: History | United States | 20th Century (1900-1945); Nature | Environmental Conservation & Protection | General; Nature | Natural Disasters; Nature | Plants | Trees


Contributor(s): Sawyer, Kim Vogel (Author)

Trina confesses her dream of going to veterinary college. Graham loves Trina, but how can he possibly marry someone who is determined to go against the dictates of the Old Order Mennonite fellowship? Which life will Trina choose--one with Graham or one in pursuit of her heart's calling?

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Christian | Romance

Blood Ties

Contributor(s): Hooper, Kay (Author)

Hooper, the "New York Times"-bestselling author of "Blood Sins," combines the most thrilling elements of suspense, romance, and the paranormal in the highly anticipated conclusion to her chilling Blood trilogy.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Suspense; Fiction | Thrillers

Boston Noir

Contributor(s): Lehane, Dennis (Editor)

Each story in "Boston Noir" is set in a different neighborhood of the city. This impressively diverse collection of mystery stories extends from Roxbury to Cambridge, from Southie to the Boston Harbor, and all stops in between.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | General


Contributor(s): Koontz, Dean R (Author)

"New York Times"-bestselling author Koontz delivers a thrilling novel of suspense and adventure, in this story of a world where good itself is an endangered species and one man will risk his life--and more--to save it from extinction.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Suspense

The Burning Land

Contributor(s): Cornwell, Bernard (Author)

In the fifth volume in the bestselling Saxon Tales series, Cornwell--the reigning king of historical fiction ("USA Today")--resumes the saga of the birth of England, and of the brilliant king who made it possible: Alfred the Great.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Historical | General


Contributor(s): Sawyer, Kim Vogel (Author)

Widower Marie Koeppler and her grown daughter Beth reluctantly return to the Mennonite community Marie abandoned 23 years ago. Soon after their arrival in Sommerfield, a series of mysterious thefts raises the community's suspicions against the "outsiders." Can Marie prove their innocence?

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Christian | General

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right

Contributor(s): Gawande, Atul (Author)

The "New York Times"-bestselling author and surgeon reveals the surprising power of the ordinary checklist. Dr. Gawande explains how this simplest of technologies has helped doctors and nurses respond to everything from flu epidemics to avalanches.

BISAC Categories: Medical | Surgery | General

Cherries in Winter: My Family's Recipe for Hope in Hard Times

Contributor(s): Colon, Suzan (Author)

Taking inspiration from her stylish, indomitable grandmother Matilda, who was the sole support of her family as a teenager during the Great Depression, an unemployed Coln starts to approach her own crisis with a sense of wonder and gratitude.

BISAC Categories: Self-Help | Motivational & Inspirational

Cold Sassy Tree

Contributor(s): Burns, Olive Ann (Author)

The unforgettable characters of Cold Sassy, Georgia, are presented in this heartwarming story of modern times coming to a small Southern town. "Rich with emotion, humor and tenderness".--Washington Post Book World. Received enormous national publicity as a Hallmark Hall of Fame TV-movie starring Faye Dunaway.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Historical | General; Fiction | Literary

Colorado Secrets

Contributor(s): Greenfield, Jacquie (Author) BISAC Categories: Fiction | Romance | Contemporary

Comeback America: Turning the Country Around and Restoring Fiscal Responsibility

Contributor(s): Walker, David M (Author) BISAC Categories: Business & Economics | Economics | General; Political Science | Public Policy | Economic Policy

Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage

Contributor(s): Gilbert, Elizabeth (Author)

Picking up where her bestselling memoir "Eat, Pray, Love" left off, Gilbert details the extraordinary circumstances that surround her love with Felipe, the man she swore never to marry. Told with Gilbert's trademark wit, "Committed" is a celebration of love with all the complexity and consequence that real love, in the real world, actually entails.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Women; Family & Relationships | Marriage; Biography & Autobiography | Personal Memoirs

Complete Guide to Prescription & Nonprescription Drugs (2010)

Contributor(s): Griffith, H Winter (Author); Moore, Stephen (Author)

Revised and updated, this classic bestseller provides the necessary information about all the prescription and nonprescription drugs that the public has come to rely on. This reference covers 5,000 brand-name drugs and 700 generic drugs.

BISAC Categories: Health & Fitness | Reference; Medical | Drug Guides


Contributor(s): Cussler, Clive (Author); Du Brul, Jack (With)

For five novels, Cussler has brought readers into the world of the "Oregon," captained by the rakish, one-legged Juan Cabrillo. And now the "Oregon's" crew faces its biggest challenge yet. Available in a tall Premium Edition.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Action & Adventure

The Council of the Cursed: A Mystery of Ancient Ireland

Contributor(s): Tremayne, Peter (Author)

Tremayne writes so authentically about this remote time period that readers will feel they are there in every way . . . a delight!--"Library Journal."

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | General; Fiction | Historical | General

Crossroads of Twilight: Book Ten of 'The Wheel of Time'

Contributor(s): Jordan, Robert (Author)

In the tenth book from the New York Times #1 bestselling author, the world and the characters stand at a crossroads, and the world approaches twilight, when the power of the Shadow grows stronger.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Fantasy | Epic; Fiction | Fantasy | Series

The Darkest Room

Contributor(s): Theorin, Johan (Author); Delargy, Marlaine (Translator)

Winner of Sweden's Best Crime Novel Award, "The Darkest Room" is the latest thriller from the bestselling author of "Echoes from the Dead."

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Suspense

The Diary of Anne Frank: And Related Readings

Contributor(s): Goodrich, Frances (Author); Hackett, Albert (Author) BISAC Categories: Fiction | General

The Diary of a Young Girl

Contributor(s): Frank, Anne (Author); Frank, Otto H (Editor); Pressler, Mirjam (Editor); Massotty, Susan (Translator)

This first trade paperback edition of the beloved classic "reveals a new depth to Anne's dreams, irritations, hardship, and passions. . . . There may be no better way to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II than to reread (this) testament to an indestructible nobility of spirit in the face of pure evil" (Chicago Tribune). of photos.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Historical | Holocaust; Biography & Autobiography | Women; History | Holocaust

Dr. Susan Love's Menopause and Hormone Book: Making Informed Choices All the Facts about the New Hormone Replacement Therapy Studies

Contributor(s): Love, Susan M (Author); Lindsey, Karen (With)

Dr. Love helps menopausal readers sort through their choices and tells them how to cope with symptoms, addressing concerns such as osteoporosis, heart disease, and breast cancer. She discusses options for the short and long term: diet, alternative treatments, and all the pros and cons of hormonal therapy.

BISAC Categories: Health & Fitness | Women's Health | Menopause

The Essential Engineer: Why Science Alone Will Not Solve Our Global Problems

Contributor(s): Petroski, Henry (Author)

From the acclaimed author of "To Engineer Is Human" comes an eye-opening exploration of the ways in which science and engineering must work together to address the world's most pressing issues, from climate change to the prevention of natural disasters.

BISAC Categories: Science | Essays

The Everything Health Guide to Multiple Sclerosis: An Authoritative Guide to Help You Understand Symptoms, Decide on Treatment, and Enhance Your Well-Bein

Contributor(s): Russell, Margot (Author); Bowling, Allen C (With)

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society estimates that 400,000 people in the United States have been diagnosed with MS. Because MS is a chronic disease, people with this diagnosis will live with the disease for years. MS sufferer Margot Russell and Dr. Allen C. Bowling, a nationally known MS expert, team up to help readers: Recognize signs and symptoms; understand the types of MS; decide on treatment and find the right doctor; explore alternative therapies; take charge by creating a management plan; develop strength and avoid relapse; and more. Filled with tips for daily living (like staying cool) and the latest information on new treatments, this reassuring book offers more than medical advice. It gives readers with MS the strength, knowledge, and resources they need so they can live a full, active life!

BISAC Categories: Health & Fitness | Diseases | Nervous System (incl. Brain)

Fabric Jewelry Wrapped, Braided & Sewn [With DVD]

Contributor(s): Pridemore, Heidi (Author) BISAC Categories: Crafts & Hobbies | Jewelry; Crafts & Hobbies | Textile Arts | General

Fame 101: Powerful Personal Branding & Publicity for Amazing Success

Contributor(s): Jessup, Jay (Author); Jessup, Maggie (Author)

"Sexiest non-fiction book for 2010. Real power and exactly how to get it." Fame is America's most powerful force and anyone can harness it with compelling personal branding. Fame 101 is the playbook for remarkable professional success. Fame 101 is the ultimate guide to personal branding, publicity, professional celebrity, and the other components of Fame for anyone wanting to increase their visibility, capture the power of a compelling personal brand, and monetize the results. Personal branding pioneers Jay & Maggie Jessup take the reader backstage through Fame's history from the early Hollywood star-making machine through to today's Internet celebrities. They demonstrate the successes of JFK, Mother Theresa, Martha Stewart, President Obama, and the leading voice of every field are created with the same strategy - the Fame Formula. Every profession has its super successful celebrities and Fame 101 shows the reader exactly how to become one of them.

BISAC Categories: Business & Economics | Public Relations

Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes

Contributor(s): McLagan, Jennifer (Author); Beisch, Leigh (Photographer)

McLagan knows and loves cooking fat, and offers more than 100 sweet and savory recipes that utilize this misunderstood ingredient. Sumptuous food photos throughout make for a satisfying read for food lovers.

BISAC Categories: Cooking | Specific Ingredients | General

The First Rule

Contributor(s): Crais, Robert (Author)

From the "New York Times"-bestselling author who sets the standard for intense, powerful crime-writing comes a blistering thriller featuring Joe Pike and Elvis Cole.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Suspense; Fiction | Thrillers

Food Rules: An Eater's Manual

Contributor(s): Pollan, Michael (Author)

From the bestselling author of "The Omnivore's Dilemma" and "In Defense of Food" comes this collection of simple, sensible, and easy to use rules--the perfect guide for anyone who would like to become more mindful of the food he or she eats. (Consumer Health)

BISAC Categories: Health & Fitness | Nutrition

Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy

Contributor(s): Stiglitz, Joseph (Author)

Nobel Prize-winner Stiglitz explains the current financial crisis--and the coming global economic order.

BISAC Categories: Business & Economics | Economic Conditions

The Frontiersmen

Contributor(s): Eckert, Allan W (Author)

Against the background of such names as George Rogers Clark, Daniel Boone. Arthur St. Clair, Anthony Wayne, Simon Girty, and William Henry Harrison, Eckert has recreated the life of one of America's most outstanding heroes, Simon Kenton. Kenton's role in opening the Northwest Territory to settlement more than rivaled that of his friend Daniel Boone. By his eighteenth birthday, Kenton had already won frontier renown as woodsman, fighter, and scout. His incredible physical strength and endurance, his great dignity and innate kindness made him the ideal prototype of the frontier hero. The Frontiersmen is equally the story of one of history's greatest leaders, whose misfortune was to be born to a doomed cause and a dying race. Tecumseh, the brilliant Shawnee chief, welded together by the sheer force of his intellect and charisma and incredible Indian confederacy that thrust of the white man's westward expansion. Like Kenton, Tecumseh was the paragon of his people's virtues.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Historical | U.S.; Biography & Autobiography | Native Americans; History | United States | General; History | Expeditions & Discoveries


Contributor(s): Vachss, Andrew (Author)

From the author of the acclaimed Burke series comes a searing new novel that follows a band of homeless outcasts on a mission to recover what each has lost.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | General

The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Hav

Contributor(s): Rubin, Gretchen Craft (Author)

This relatable, inspiring project is the result of the author's 12-month adventure in becoming a happier person. Written with a wicked sense of humor and sharp insight, her story will inspire readers to embrace the pleasure in their lives and remind them how to have fun.

BISAC Categories: Self-Help | Personal Growth | Happiness; Biography & Autobiography | Personal Memoirs

Heal Your Headache: The 1-2-3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Headaches

Contributor(s): Buchholz, David (Author); Reich, Stephen G (Foreword by)

A groundbreaking and controversial work, this book starts with the insight that all headaches are migraines. Johns Hopkins neurologist Buchholz takes headache sufferers out of the vicious cycle of misdiagnosis and rebound and puts them in charge of their lives with a simple, practical, patient-proven 3-step system.

BISAC Categories: Health & Fitness | Pain Management; Medical | Neurology | Headache; Family & Relationships | General

Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters

Contributor(s): Sullenberger, Chesley B (Author); Zaslow, Jeffrey (With) BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Personal Memoirs; Transportation | Aviation | History; Transportation | Aviation | Commercial

The Hope Chest

Contributor(s): Brunstetter, Wanda E (Author)

Silas Swartley has been in love with Anna since they were children, but Anna's sister Rachel has loved Silas nearly as long. When Anna unexpectedly leaves the Amish faith, Rachel's hope is rekindled. She begins filling her hope chest as she initiates a campaign to win Silas's heart.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Christian | Romance

The House of Thunder

Contributor(s): Koontz, Dean R (Author)

With a new Afterword by #1 "New York Times"-bestselling author Koontz, this classic, chilling novel about a traumatized woman and the terrifying place from which she'll never escape is now available in a tall Premium Edition. Reissue.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Horror | General; Fiction | Suspense

I Want to Be Left Behind: Finding Rapture Here on Earth

Contributor(s): Peterson, Brenda (Author)

In Peterson's unusual memoir, fundamentalism meets deep ecology. The author's forest ranger father leads her to embrace the entire natural world, while her Southern Baptist fundamentalist relatives prepare to leave this world.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Personal Memoirs; Religion | Spirituality | General

I'm Down

Contributor(s): Wolff, Mishna (Author)

Wolff grew up in a poor black neighborhood with her single father, a white man who truly believed he was black. This hip, funny memoir will have readers questioning what it means to be black or white in America.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Personal Memoirs; Humor | Topic | Marriage & Family

I, Sniper

Contributor(s): Hunter, Stephen (Author)

Bob Lee Swagger is back, facing off against one of his most ruthless adversaries yet to clear the name of a fellow soldier-in-arms. A Pulitzer Prize-winner and author of 13 novels, Stephen Hunter delivers once again.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Thrillers; Fiction | Action & Adventure


Contributor(s): Preston, Douglas (Author)

From the "New York Times"-bestselling author of "Blasphemy" comes an apocalyptic thriller in the tradition of "The Andromeda Strain." An unusually alarming and thoughtful thriller . . . clever and terrifying.--"Kirkus Reviews."

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Thrillers

Just Kids

Contributor(s): Smith, Patti (Author)

Smith's evocative, honest, and moving coming-of-age story reveals her extraordinary relationship with artist Robert Mapplethorpe. Part romance, part elegy, "Just Kids" is about friendship in the truest sense, and the artist's calling.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Composers & Musicians | Rock; Biography & Autobiography | Personal Memoirs; Biography & Autobiography | Women


Contributor(s): Woods, Stuart (Author)

Stone Barrington is back in this thrilling new page-turner from the "New YorkTimes"-bestselling author of the Stone Barrington series and the Holly Barkerseries.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | General


Contributor(s): Berry, Wendell (Author)

No one writes like Wendell Berry. Whether essay, novel, story, or poem, his inimitable voice rings true, as natural as the land he has farmed in Kentucky for over 40 years. Following the widely praised "Given," this new collection offers a masterful blend of epigrams, elegies, lyrics, and letters, with the occasional short love poem. Alternately amused, outraged, and resigned, Berry's welcome voice is the constant in this varied mix. The book concludes with a new sequence of Sabbath poems, works that have spawned from Berry's Sunday morning walks of meditation and observation. Berry's themes are reflections of his life: friends, family, the farm, the nature around us as well as within. He speaks strongly for himself and sometimes for the lost heart of the country. As he has borne witness to the world for eight decades, what he offers us now in this new collection of poems is of incomparable value.

BISAC Categories: Poetry | American | General

Little House on a Small Planet: Simple Homes, Cozy Retreats, and Energy Efficient Possibilities

Contributor(s): Salomon, Shay (Author); Valdez, Nigel (Photographer); Lappe, Frances Moore (Foreword by)

A guidebook to planning, building, renovating, and inhabiting an eco-friendly small get more information on how to live simply visit:

BISAC Categories: House & Home | Sustainable Living; House & Home | Design & Construction

The Little Stranger

Contributor(s): Waters, Sarah (Author) BISAC Categories: Fiction | Literary

Mixed Mania: Recipes for Delicious Mixed-Media Creations

Contributor(s): Crane, Debbie (Author); Prater, Cheryl (Author)

Featuring a wide range of mixed media projects, this outrageously fun craft primer takes a decidedly unstuffy approach to an immense range of art methods. Projects--including art quilts, painting, collage, bookbinding, assemblage, doll making, decoupage, and image transfers--are divided into three main sections: Artistic Appetizers, Creative Main Courses, and Sweet Treats and Special Occasions, with each addressing a different level of time invested and difficulty. Whimsically laid out like recipes, each project includes detailed ingredients (materials), instructions (what to mix and add), and tasting tips (how it should look).

BISAC Categories: Crafts & Hobbies | Decorating; Art | Mixed-Media

The Moment of Psycho: How Alfred Hitchcock Taught America to Love Murder

Contributor(s): Thomson, David (Author)

Film critic Thomson situates "Psycho" in Alfred Hitchcock's career, recreating the mood and time when the seminal film erupted onto film screens worldwide. Thomson shows that "Psycho" was not just a sensation in film: it altered the very nature of film.

BISAC Categories: Performing Arts | Film & Video | History & Criticism

A Night Too Dark

Contributor(s): Stabenow, Dana (Author)

Stabenow's "New York Times"-bestselling Kate Shugak series returns with a spectacular case of suicide by Alaska that may not be self-inflicted after all.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | Women Sleuths

Noah's Compass

Contributor(s): Tyler, Anne (Author)

From the incomparable Tyler comes a wise, gently humorous, and deeply compassionate novel about a schoolteacher who has been forced to retire at age 61, who must suddenly come to terms with the final phase of his life.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | General

Paganini's Ghost: A Mystery

Contributor(s): Adam, Paul (Author)

Violinmaker Giovanni Castiglione searches for a long-lost instrument that was possessed by famed violinist Niccolo Paganini. Full of remarkable history and musical lore, "Paganini's Ghost" will enchant music lovers and Italophiles alike.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | General

Parkinson's Disease: A Complete Guide for Patients and Families

Contributor(s): Weiner, William J (Author); Lang, Anthony E (Author); Shulman, Lisa M (Author)

The second edition of this accessible and comprehensive guide provides crucial information for managing this complex condition, including details on the use of medications, diet, exercise, complementary therapies, and surgery. "The best comprehensive guide on Parkinson's disease I have ever read. If I were suggesting a book for my primary care physician to read on Parkinson's disease, this would be the one." -- APDA Young Parkinson's Newsletter

BISAC Categories: Health & Fitness | Diseases | Nervous System (incl. Brain)

The Quilting Arts Book: Techniques and Inspiration for Creating One-Of-A-Kind Quilts

Contributor(s): Bolton, Patricia (Author)

Beginners and seasoned crafters alike will find inspiration and instruction in this definitive quilting resource that combines foundational techniques for quilting and fiber art with tips and tricks for creating one-of-a-kind works of art. Showcased here are some of the most popular topics, articles, and artists from past issues of "Quilting Arts" magazine, as well as new and fresh methods from today's most respected contemporary quilt artists. Hands-on workshops introduce crafters to each facet of the art-quilt trade--from creating abstract, pictorial, and landscape quilts to in-depth techniques on surface design and stitching applications. Each chapter showcases various art-quilting concepts and ends with quick creative exercises and tips guaranteed to get both quilters and mixed-media artists creating with cloth right away.

BISAC Categories: Crafts & Hobbies | Quilts & Quilting

The Raven's Gift: A Scientist, a Shaman, and Their Remarkable Journey Through the Siberian Wilderness

Contributor(s): Turk, Jon (Author)

Framed by high adventure across the vast and forbidding Siberian landscape, "The Raven's Gift" creates a vision of natural and spiritual realms interwoven by one man's spiritual awakening.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Personal Memoirs; Travel | Russia; Biography & Autobiography | Scientists | General

Rejuvenated Jewels: New Designs from Vintage Treasures

Contributor(s): Hanna, Amy (Author)

In this book, readers learn where to find fabulous vintage jewelry, beads, and artifacts, and how to create stunning one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces using these amazing finds. Rhinestone beads and clasps, mercury glass beads, oxidized metal chains, rosary beads, tiny book charms and more are retooled into fabulous statement pieces that can be worn every day.

BISAC Categories: Crafts & Hobbies | Jewelry; Crafts & Hobbies | Decorating


Contributor(s): Meacham, Leila (Author)

With expert, unabashed, big-canvas storytelling, "Roses" covers 100 years, three generations of Texans and the explosive combination of passion for work and longing for love.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Literary

Rowing to Latitude: Journeys Along the Arctic's Edge

Contributor(s): Fredston, Jill A (Author)

Fredston has traveled more than 20,000 miles of the Arctic and sub-Arctic--backwards. This book is a celebration of these journeys and a passionate testimonial to the extraordinary grace and fragility of wild places, the power of companionship, and the harsh but liberating reality of risk.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Sports | General; Biography & Autobiography | Travelers; Biography & Autobiography | Women; Sports & Recreation | Boating | General; Travel | United States | Pacific - Alaska; Travel | Polar Regions

The Silent Spirit

Contributor(s): Coel, Margaret (Author)

Coel returns to Wind River with a new mystery featuring Vicky Holden and Father John O'Malley.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | General

A Sister's Secret

Contributor(s): Brunstetter, Wanda E (Author)

Having put her "rumschpringe" (running around years) behind her, Grace returns to Holmes County, joins the Amish church, and intends to marry. Things are going fairly well, until someone threatens to reveal her past. Will love and faith triumph over shame and deception in Holmes County?

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Christian | Romance


Contributor(s): Huston, Charlie (Author)

In this gripping, unnerving, exhilarating, and haunting novel, Parker Hass works undercover as a drug dealer in a Los Angeles. He is tasked with cutting off the illegal trade of Dreamer, the only drug that can give the infected what they most crave: sleep.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Thrillers

Snow Angels

Contributor(s): Thompson, James (Author)

The first thriller in a new series, "Snow Angels" features Inspector Kari Vaara, the haunted, hardened detective who must delve into Finland's dark, violent underbelly.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Thrillers

Split Image

Contributor(s): Parker, Robert B (Author)

Family ties prove deadly in the brilliant new Jesse Stone novel from "New York Times"-bestselling author Parker.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | General

Succulent Container Gardens: Design Eye-Catching Displays with 350 Easy-Care Plants

Contributor(s): Baldwin, Debra Lee (Author)

With their colorful leaves, sculptural shapes, and simple care, succulents are beautiful yet forgiving plants for pots. The more than 300 photos, A-Z descriptions, and inspiring ideas in this collection show how to get the most out of these plants.

BISAC Categories: Gardening | Container; Nature | Plants | Cacti/Succulents

Surviving Prostate Cancer: What You Need to Know to Make Informed Decisions

Contributor(s): Torrey, E Fuller, M.D. (Author); Stoiber, Carlton (Illustrator) BISAC Categories: Health & Fitness | Diseases | Prostate Cancer

Trigger Point Therapy for Headaches & Migraines: Your Self-Treatment Workbook for Pain Relief

Contributor(s): DeLaune, Valerie (Author)

Trigger Point Therapy can offer relief to the millions who struggle daily with headache pain. This book explains trigger point theory and then offers a complete program for self care that includes clear illustrations of all techniques.

BISAC Categories: Health & Fitness | Pain Management

Understanding Colon Cancer

Contributor(s): Adrouny, A Richard (Author)

For the lay reader wishing to know more about colon cancer, this handbook gives concise information and explanation on diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. Illustrations.

BISAC Categories: Health & Fitness | Diseases | Cancer; Family & Relationships | General

Very Valentine

Contributor(s): Trigiani, Adriana (Author)

This first novel in a new trilogy from bestselling author Trigiani offers a heartwarming and hilarious story of Valentine Roncalli and the decades-old family business she struggles to save, finding love and the life she wants along the way.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Contemporary Women; Fiction | Humorous; Fiction | Family Life

Windows 7 for Dummies

Contributor(s): Rathbone, Andy (Author)

The perfect plain-English guide to the much-anticipated release of Windows 7,"Windows 7 For Dummies" answers all questions about the interface adjustmentsand all the new tools in Windows 7. Expert author Rathbone walks readers stepby step through the most common Windows 7 tasks.

BISAC Categories: Computers | Operating Systems | Windows

The Windup Girl

Contributor(s): Bacigalupi, Paolo (Author)

What Happens when bio-terrorism becomes a tool for corporate profits? And what happens when said bio-terrorism forces humanity to the cusp of post-human evolution? In The Windup Girl, award-winning author Paolo Bacigalupi returns to the world of "The Calorie Man"( Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award-winner, Hugo Award nominee, 2006) and "Yellow Card Man" (Hugo Award nominee, 2007) in order to address these questions.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Fantasy | Short Stories

The Wolf at the Door

Contributor(s): Higgins, Jack (Author)

From the author who has produced some of the best suspense fiction in the past 50 years ("The San Diego Union-Tribune") comes a novel of international intrigue and murder.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Thrillers

Worst Case

Contributor(s): Patterson, James (Author); Ledwidge, Michael (Author)

From the authors of "The Quickie" comes their most action-packed series yet. When the children of many of New York's elite become murder victims, Detective Michael Bennett and FBI agent Emily Parker set out to capture a killer before he sends out a deadly message for the entire city to witness.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Suspense; Fiction | Thrillers

The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life

Contributor(s): Beck, Glenn (Author); Ablow, Keith Russell (Author)

Radio and television personality and #1 bestselling author Beck, together with psychiatrist Ablow, shares the inspirational story of the seven simple principles that changed Beck's life.

BISAC Categories: Self-Help | Motivational & Inspirational; Self-Help | Spiritual; Biography & Autobiography | Personal Memoirs

Admiral of the Ocean Sea: A Life of Christopher Columbus

Contributor(s): Morison, Samuel Eliot (Author)

Telling the story of the greatest sailor of them all, "Admiral of the Ocean Sea" is a vivid and definitive biography of Columbus that details all of his voyages that, for better or worse, changed the world. 50 drawings, maps & charts; 4 fold-outs.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Historical | General; History | Expeditions & Discoveries

The Anti-Vampire Tale

Contributor(s): Aleman, Lewis E (Author) BISAC Categories: Fiction | Fantasy | General; Fiction | Horror | General; Fiction | Romance | Paranormal

Aran Knitting (New, Expanded)

Contributor(s): Starmore, Alice (Author)

Revised, expanded edition of expert guide encompasses a history of Aran knitting; complete workshop in technique and design; 60 charted patterns for the original 14 designs, many reknit in contemporary yarns; including a new design. Color photographs.

BISAC Categories: Crafts & Hobbies | Needlework | Knitting

The Athena Project: A Thriller

Contributor(s): Thor, Brad (Author)

Tucked away in a remote corner of North Carolina's Fort Bragg, behind rows of razor wire and heavily armed guards, lies the headquarters of the nation's most elite counter-terrorism unit--the United States Army's 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta. Here, a brilliant new approach to combating terrorism has just been born. Its codename: The Athena Project.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Thrillers

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Contributor(s): Chua, Amy (Author)

"Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" is an awe-inspiring, often hilarious, and unerringly honest story of one mother's exercise in extreme parenting, revealing the rewards--and the costs--of raising her daughters the Chinese way.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Personal Memoirs

Berried to the Hilt

Contributor(s): MacInerney, Karen (Author)

When a lobsterman pulls up a 200-year-old anchor, Cranberry Island is abuzz with excitement. Soon the island is swarming with marine archaeologists, treasure seekers, and ghost-hunters. It's good news for Natalie--and the Gray Whale Inn--until one of her guests turns up dead.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | Women Sleuths

Bitter Legacy

Contributor(s): Griffin, H Terrell (Author)

After a week away, Matt Royal's ready to get back to the Longboat Key good life good fishing, good food, good beer, and more good fishing. But Matt comes back to bad news: while he was away, a sniper tried to kill one of his best friends. Even worse, now that Matt's back, someone's trying to kill him. And whoever is trying to kill him is trying really hard. With no clue who's after him or why, Matt soon finds he's at the center of a mystery involving a lawyer's murder, a tourist left for dead, a ruthless biker gang, a reclusive billionaire with nothing to lose, and an ancient document that could bring ruin to some of the most entrenched financial interests in Florida. Between solving the mystery and staying alive, Matt's got his hands full. But he'd better watch out or his hard-charging ways could get him sideways with the newest member of Longboat Key's police force, the undeniably attractive Jennifer Duncan.For Matt, it's shaping up to be a really long week.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Thrillers

Black Beans & Vice

Contributor(s): Stanley, J B (Author)

The Flab Five's creative new strategy to slim down? Hypnotherapy! And James has new motivation: his adorable son Eliot and a rekindled romance with his ex-wife. But someone doesn't approve, as evidenced by the gruesome "messages" threatening the happy family.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | General

The Brotherhood

Contributor(s): Jenkins, Jerry B (Author)

Boone Drake has it made. He x2019's a young cop rising rapidly through the ranks of the Chicago Police Department. He has a beautiful wife and a young son, a nice starter house, a great partner, and a career plan that should land him in the Organized Crime Division within five years. Everything is going right. Until everything goes horribly, terribly wrong. His personal life destroyed and his career and future in jeopardy, Boone buries himself in guilt and bitterness as his life spirals out of control. But when he comes face-to-face with the most vicious gang leader Chicago has seen in decades, he begins to realize that God is a God of second chances and can change the hardest heart . . . and forgive the worst of crimes. A thought-provoking police thriller from "New York Times" best-selling author Jerry B. Jenkins.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Christian | General

Bullet Creek

Contributor(s): Compton, Ralph (Author); Brandvold, Peter (Author)

Retired gunslinger Tom Navarro is more than happy working at the Bar-V Ranch while planning a future with the woman he loves. Then, when a local landowner is murdered, Navarro must strap on this six-irons once more to stop an all-out range war. Original.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Westerns | General

Business Plans for Dummies

Contributor(s): Tiffany, Paul (Author); Peterson, Steven D (Author)

Written for anyone involved in a business who has to face the task of creating a business plan, this book takes readers through the six major steps to building a plan and includes plenty of examples, templates, checklists, and worksheets for the business planning process.

BISAC Categories: Business & Economics | Strategic Planning

Cables: The Ultimate Stitch Dictionary from the Editors of Vogue Knitting Magazine

Contributor(s): Vogue Knitting Magazine (Editor)

With its clear, concise instructions, charts, and superb photos of more than 200 pattern stitches, this will become an indispensable reference in every knitter's library.

BISAC Categories: Crafts & Hobbies | Needlework | Knitting; Crafts & Hobbies | Reference

Call Me Irresistible

Contributor(s): Phillips, Susan Elizabeth (Author)

The funniest love story of the year, the new novel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips that fans have been waiting for is filled with friends, family, and charm. "Call Me Irresistible" features characters from three previous books.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Romance | Contemporary

Cancer - Step Outside the Box (5th Edition)

Contributor(s): Bollinger, Ty M (Author) BISAC Categories: Health & Fitness | Diseases | Cancer

Caribou Island

Contributor(s): Vann, David (Author) BISAC Categories: Fiction | General

Chasing the Sun: The Epic Story of the Star That Gives Us Life

Contributor(s): Cohen, Richard (Author)

In the grand tradition of the scholar-adventurer, acclaimed author Cohen takes readers around the world to illuminate our relationship with the star that gives us life.

BISAC Categories: Science | Astronomy | Solar System; History | World | General

The College Solution: A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price

Contributor(s): O'Shaughnessy, Lynn (Author)

By using the strategies presented in this resource, parents can learn how to send their kids to expensive private schools for virtually the cost of an in-state public college and how promising kids can pay significantly less than the "sticker price" even at the nation's flagship state universities.

BISAC Categories: Business & Economics | Personal Finance | General; Study Aids | College Guides; Education | Higher

Como Educar Hijos Felices

Contributor(s): Chatelain, Anne (Author)

With the goal of ensuring that children receive the best education possible, this guide offers practical advice for modern parents who are interested in taking an active role in the well-being of their children. Topics covered include how to create a healthy and happy teaching environment and how to deal with children who come from unique backgrounds and family situations."" "Con el objetivo de asegurar que los hijos reciban la mejor educacion posible, esta guia ofrece consejos practicos para los padres modernos que quieren tener un papel activo en el bienestar de sus hijos. Entre los temas que se tratan se incluyen como crear un entorno sano y feliz y como atender a los ninos que vienen de origenes y situaciones familiares unicas."

BISAC Categories: Family & Relationships | Child Development

The Constitution of the United States, with Index, and the Declaration of Independence

Contributor(s): National Center for Constitutional Studies (Manufactured by)

The Constitution of the United States, with Index, and The Declaration of Independence: Pocket Edition This Constitution was proofed word for word against the original Constitution housed in the Archives in Washington, D.C. It is identical in spelling, capitalization and punctuation. It is sized in accordance with one produced by President Thomas Jefferson and includes the Bill of Rights, Amendments 11 through 27, The Declaration of Independence and a complete index of the Constitution. 52 pages. 3-1/4 x 6-1/2 inches. Published by the National Center for Constitutional Studies, a nonprofit educational foundation dedicated to restoring Constitutional principles in the tradition of America's Founding Fathers.

BISAC Categories: Political Science | Constitutions; History | United States | 18th Century

Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, eBooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business

Contributor(s): Handley, Ann (Author); Chapman, C C (Author); Scott, David Meerman (Foreword by) BISAC Categories: Business & Economics | E-Commerce | Internet Marketing

Crepusculo: Un Amor Peligroso = Twilight

Contributor(s): Meyer, Stephenie (Author)

Fantasy, Feelings and Emotions, School Stories. When Isabella Swan moves tothe gloomy town of Forks and meets the mysterious, alluring Edward Cullen,her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. With his porcelain skin, golden eyes, mesmerizing voice, and supernatural gifts, Edward is both irresistible and impenetrable. Up until now, he has managed to keep his vampire identity hidden, but Bella is determined to uncover his dark secret.

BISAC Categories: Juvenile Fiction | Love & Romance; Juvenile Fiction | Horror & Ghost Stories; Juvenile Fiction | Fantasy & Magic

The Curse-Maker

Contributor(s): Stanley, Kelli (Author)

Roman physician Arcturus and his wife Gwyna arrive at Bath for a holiday to find a dead body floating in the sacred spring. It turns out that the murdered man is a curse maker whose curses actually come true, and, as murder follows murder, it looks like there's now a curse on Arcturus.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | Historical

The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love

Contributor(s): Kimball, Kristin (Author)

From a writer who traded her single life in the big city to marry a farmer, "The Dirty Life" is a chronicle of a year on their sustainable farm.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Personal Memoirs; Social Science | Agriculture & Food

The Dragon Reborn

Contributor(s): Jordan, Robert (Author)

The New York Times bestseller--finally in paperback. Rand Al'Thor, the long-prophesied leader who will save the world, is on the run from his destiny. Able to touch the One Power, but unable to control it, Rand knows that he must ultimately face the Dark One--in a battle to the death. Named one of the Los Angeles Times Best Books for Winter Reading. The others in the trilogy are The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Fantasy | Epic

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Contributor(s): Weis, Margaret (Author); Hickman, Tracy (Joint Author); Stawicki, Matt (Illustrator); Valusek, Valerie (Illustrator)

With new cover art from fantasy artist Daniel Horne, this volume is the first part of a reissue program for "The Chronicles Trilogy" 15 years after its original publication. After five years, a group of friends reunites as the shadow of war hangs over the land. When an artifact of incredible power falls into their hands, they must flee the forces of darkness.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Fantasy | Series

Eclipse = Eclipse

Contributor(s): Meyer, Stephenie (Author)

Bella must choose between her friendship with Jacob, a werewolf, and her relationship with Edward, a vampire, but when Seattle is ravaged by a mysterious string of killings, the three of them need to decide whether their personal lives are more important than the well-being of an entire city.

BISAC Categories: Juvenile Fiction | Love & Romance; Juvenile Fiction | Horror & Ghost Stories; Juvenile Fiction | Fantasy & Magic

Final Gifts: Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs, and Communications of the Dying

Contributor(s): Callanan, Maggie (Author); Kelley, Patricia (Joint Author)

Filled with practical advice on responding to the requests of the dying and helping them prepare emotionally and spiritually for death, this book shows readers how to help the dying person live fully to the very end. "A hopeful, helpful work . . . provides a gentle way to think about the unthinkable".--"Publishers Weekly".

BISAC Categories: Self-Help | Death, Grief, Bereavement; Family & Relationships | Death, Grief, Bereavement; Medical | Terminal Care

Final Journeys: A Practical Guide for Bringing Care and Comfort at the End of Life

Contributor(s): Callanan, Maggie (Author) BISAC Categories: Self-Help | Death, Grief, Bereavement; Family & Relationships | Death, Grief, Bereavement; Medical | Caregiving

The Flight of the Feral Chihuahua

Contributor(s): Jackson, Jeremiah D Phd (Author) BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | General

From the Grave: A Roadside Guide to Colorado's Pioneer Cemeteries

Contributor(s): Wommack, Linda (Author)

The only comprehensive roadside tour guide to Colorado's oldest cemeteries. This 500-page work includes: -- Nearly 400 Colorado cemeteries. -- More than 1,000 mini-biographies of interred pioneers. -- Easy-to-follow road directions and cemetery guides. -- Regional maps by chapter. -- History of the areas and communities.

BISAC Categories: Travel | United States | Mountain - Colorado; History | United States | State & Local - General

Getting Financial Aid (2011)

Contributor(s): College Board (Manufactured by)

A must-have book in today's economy, this guide is for parents and students challenged by the cost of college. It includes information and advice from experts on how to apply for aid and gives the financial aid picture for more than 3,000 two- and four-year colleges.

BISAC Categories: Study Aids | Financial Aid

The Headhunter's Daughter: A Mystery

Contributor(s): Myers, Tamar (Author)

Myers, the bestselling creator of the Den of Antiquity mysteries, delivers the second book in her new mystery series set in the Belgian Congo.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | Historical

Heaven Is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

Contributor(s): Burpo, Todd (Author); Vincent, Lynn (With)

This is the true story of Colton Burpo, the four-year old son of a small-town Nebraska pastor who during emergency surgery slips from consciousness and enters heaven.

BISAC Categories: Religion | Christian Life | Inspirational

How to Be Sick: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and Their Caregivers

Contributor(s): Bernhard, Toni (Author) BISAC Categories: Religion | Buddhism | General

How to Do Everything Genealogy (Updated)

Contributor(s): Morgan, George G (Author)

An all-new edition of the bestselling guide to tapping the wealth of global digital ancestry records online and in print Fully updated and revised, this is the only beginning genealogy book to address the different available record types along with both traditional and electronic research strategies in a comprehensive way. How to Do Everything: Genealogy explores basic rules of genealogical evidence, evaluation of source materials, research methods, and includes extensive guidance on Web-based research. New chapters cover: DNA-based records; using social networking sites to connect with family; and how blogs, podcasts, and videocasts can be effectively used by genealogists. The book has been updated to reflect: new and updated websites; improved strategies for locating, accessing, evaluating, and applying data; and the latest technological details-hardware, software, and other tools.

BISAC Categories: Reference | Genealogy

How to Go to College Almost for Free, Updated

Contributor(s): Kaplan, Ben R (Author)

The ultimate scholarship toolbox with four essential scholarship resources--an aggressive "how-to" guide that teaches the techniques of top scholarship winners, a directory of scholarship prizes, and a library of winning essays, applications, support letters and other sample materials.

BISAC Categories: Study Aids | Financial Aid; Reference | General; Business & Economics | Education; Education | Finance; Business & Economics | Personal Finance | General

The Husband Tree

Contributor(s): Connealy, Mary (Author)

Ornery rancher Belle Tanner and cantankerous cowboy Silas Harden do their best to avoid marriage while on a cattle drive.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Christian | Romance

The Inner Circle

Contributor(s): Meltzer, Brad (Author)

Number-one "New York Times"-bestselling author Meltzer returns with a pulse-pounding new novel of lies and deception at the highest levels of government. After reuniting with a childhood crush, a young archivist makes an astonishing discovery in the secret vault of the National Archives, where the president privately reviews classified documents. The two soon find themselves entangled in a web of deception, conspiracy, and murder that will reveal the most well-kept secret of the U.S. presidency.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Thrillers

The Investment Answer: Learn to Manage Your Money & Protect Your Financial Future

Contributor(s): Goldie, Daniel C (Author)

"The five key decisions every investor needs to make"--Jacket.

BISAC Categories: Business & Economics | Personal Finance | Investing

The Irresistible Henry House

Contributor(s): Grunwald, Lisa (Author)

In mid-20th-century America, a home economics program at a prominent university uses real babies to teach mothering skills. For a young man raised in these unlikely circumstances, finding real love and learning to trust will prove to be the work of a lifetime.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | General

Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend

Contributor(s): Davis, Stephen (Author)

Sure to become a bestselling perennial in paperback: the leading rock journalist of today unearths startling new evidence about the raucous life and mysterious death of Jim Morrison, the brilliant and secretive leader of The Doors.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Composers & Musicians | Rock

Lace Knitting: The Ultimate Stitch Dictionary from the Editors of Vogue Knitting Magazine

Contributor(s): Vogue Knitting Magazine (Editor) BISAC Categories: Crafts & Hobbies | Needlework | Knitting; Crafts & Hobbies | Needlework | Lace & Tatting

The Last Greatest Magician in the World: Howard Thurston Versus Houdini & the Battles of the American Wizards

Contributor(s): Steinmeyer, Jim (Author); M H (Editor)

Steinmeyer presents the seminal biography of the magician's magician, Howard Thurston, a man who surpassed Houdini in the eyes of showmen and fans, and set the standard for how stage magic is performed today.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Entertainment & Performing Arts | General; Games | Magic

The Last Operative

Contributor(s): Jenkins, Jerry B (Author)

Jordan Kirkwood wants to go quietly into the sunset. His career as an NSA intelligence officer has taken a significant toll. His two adult children are little more than distant acquaintances. His wife has been patient and supportive, but he knows she has deserved better. That was part of the reason they were going to London. He wanted her to see Europe like a tourist. But that was before he was given intelligence information during the recent mission to Germany. The threat is grave x2014;bigger than 9/11. And the risk is compounded by the fact that someone inside the NSA is involved. The most hidden place in Kirkwood x2019;s past will have to be unmasked in order to meet the challenges of this mission.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Espionage

The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe

Contributor(s): O'Hagan, Andrew (Author)

In November 1960, Frank Sinatra gave Marilyn Monroe a dog. His name was Mafia Honey, or Maf for short. Maf was with Marilyn for the last two years of her life. With style, brilliance, and panache, O'Hagan has drawn an altogether original portrait of the woman behind the icon, and the dog behind the woman.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Biographical

The Life of Emily Dickinson

Contributor(s): Sewall, Richard Benson (Author)

Winner of the National Book Award, this massively detailed biography throws a light into the study of the brilliant poet. How did Emily Dickinson, from the small window over her desk, come to see a life that included the horror, exaltation and humor that lives her poetry? With abundance and impartiality, Sewall shows us not just the poet nor the poetry, but the woman and her life.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Literary

Luna Nueva = New Moon

Contributor(s): Meyer, Stephenie (Author)

When the Cullens, including her beloved Edward, leave Forks rather than risk revealing that they are vampires, eighteen-year-old Bella finds solace in her friend Jacob until he is drawn into a "cult" and changes in terrible ways.

BISAC Categories: Juvenile Fiction | Love & Romance; Juvenile Fiction | Horror & Ghost Stories; Juvenile Fiction | Fantasy & Magic

A Marked Man

Contributor(s): Hamilton, Barbara (Author)

Abigail Adams, wife of attorney John Adams--who is deeply involved with the Sons of Liberty--is shocked when one of the Sons is accused of murder. Did the crime arise from the romantic competition for the daughter of a prominent Royalist--or was it politically motivated?

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | Women Sleuths; Fiction | Mystery & Detective | Historical

Montana Rose

Contributor(s): Connealy, Mary (Author)

Ride into this rocky, riveting romance, where a fragile and beautiful widow finds herself hitched to the wagon of a sod-busting stranger.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Christian | Romance

My Life as a Russian Novel: A Memoir

Contributor(s): Carrere, Emmanuel (Author); Coverdale, Linda (Translator)

Set in Paris and Kotelnich, a small post-Soviet town, "My Life as a Russian Novel" traces Carrere's pursuit of two obsessions--the disappearance of his Russian grandfather and his erotic fascination with a woman he loves but cannot keep from destroying.

BISAC Categories: Biography & Autobiography | Literary; Biography & Autobiography | Personal Memoirs

Native Universe: Voices of Indian America

Contributor(s): McMaster, Gerald (Editor); Trafzer, Clifford E (Editor); Gover, Kevin (Foreword by)

This gorgeous volume draws from the vast archives of the National Museum of the American Indian, and features the voices and perspectives of some of the most prominent Native American scholars, writers, and activists. 350 color photographs.

BISAC Categories: History | Native American; Social Science | Ethnic Studies | Native American Studies

The Next Decade: Where We've Been . . . and Where We're Going

Contributor(s): Friedman, George (Author)

The author of the acclaimed "New York Times" bestseller "The Next 100 Years" now focuses his geopolitical forecasting acumen on the next decade and the imminent events and challenges that will test America and the world, specifically addressing the skills that will be required by the decade's leaders.

BISAC Categories: Political Science | International Relations | General; Social Science | Future Studies

The Ninth Daughter: An Abigail Adams Mystery

Contributor(s): Hamilton, Barbara (Author)

In the Massachusetts Colony, political upheaval turns murderous, in this new series featuring First Lady--and sleuth--Abigail Adams.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | Women Sleuths

October Killings

Contributor(s): Ebersohn, Wessel (Author)

Only 15 when her parents were killed in a massacre of anti-apartheid activists by white security forces, Abigail Bukula was spared by soldier Leon Lourens. Twenty years later, Lourens comes to Abigail, now a lawyer, for help. Someone is killing off members of the team who killed her parents.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | Police Procedural

On Writing the College Application Essay: The Key to Acceptance and the College of Your Choice

Contributor(s): Bauld, Harry (Author)

With reliable, lightly delivered advice, Bauld shows the student how to come alive on paper with an honest, entertaining essay that will stand apart from the rest.

BISAC Categories: Study Aids | College Entrance

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Deluxe)

Contributor(s): Kesey, Ken (Author); Kesey, Ken (Illustrator); Palahniuk, Chuck (Foreword by); Faggen, Robert (Introduction by)

Boisterous, ribald, and ultimately shattering, Keseys work is the seminal novel of the 1960s that has left an indelible mark on literature. Here is the unforgettable story of a mental ward and its inhabitants, especially the tyrannical Nurse Ratched and Randle Patrick McMurphy, the brawling, fun-loving new inmate who resolves to oppose her.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Literary

Our Man in Tehran: The Truth Behind the Secret Mission to Save Six Americans During the Iran Hostage Crisis and the Foreign Ambassador...

Contributor(s): Wright, Robert (Author)

In this look back at the Iran Hostage Crisis that began in 1979, Wright reveals the truth behind the secret mission to save six American diplomats who had secretly escaped, and the ambassador who worked with the CIA to bring them home.

BISAC Categories: History | Middle East | Iran; History | United States | 20th Century (1945 to 2000); History | Canada | Post-Confederation (1867-); Political Science | Political Freedom & Security | Intelligence; History | Military | Special Forces

Outwitting Trolls

Contributor(s): Tapply, William G (Author)

After the body of an old friend is found, Boston attorney Brady Coyne is drawn into an investigation in which he tries to find the connection between long-ago friends and the savage murders dogging their family.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | General

The Owner-Built Adobe House

Contributor(s): Newcomb, Duane (Author)

First published in 1980, this book remains a useful guide that will help you build your own adobe house almost anywhere in the country, even in areas not usually considered adobe country. Duane Newcomb takes you through every step of the process, from selecting a site, obtaining building permits, drawing plans, excavating, and making bricks to adding kitchen cabinets and finishing the interior. "The Owner-Built Adobe House" details every aspect of various types of adobe houses and includes information on plumbing, electricity, heating and cooling, fireplaces, flooring, and the framing of windows, doors, and roofs. With sixty-six detailed drawings and photographs accompanying the instructions, this book is the basic manual in the field and is invaluable to both the novice and expert homebuilder.

BISAC Categories: House & Home | Design & Construction; House & Home | Do-It-Yourself | General; Technology & Engineering | Construction | General

Positively Crochet

Contributor(s): Hall, Mary Jane (Author)

"Positively Crochet" lives up to its name with plenty of crochet projects and powerful messages for positive living. This playful, project-focused guide concentrates on the patterns and stitches used to design the 50+ fashionable projects inside this book, which include scarves, shrugs, sweaters, hats, purses and belts. In addition to trendy garments and accessories, you will discover pairings of design tips with inspirational insight, useful for improving crochet skills and making the most of every situation life delivers.

BISAC Categories: Crafts & Hobbies | Needlework | Crocheting

Power from the Sun: Achieving Energy Independence

Contributor(s): Chiras, Dan (Author); Aram, Robert (With); Nelson, Kurt (With)

Small-scale solar energy production from panel to plug.

BISAC Categories: Technology & Engineering | Power Resources | Alternative & Renewable

The Price of Malice

Contributor(s): Mayor, Archer (Author)

Joe Gunther puts a murder investigation on hold to help his girlfriend solve her father's mysterious death. Torn between his conscience and his heart, Gunther finds that betrayal and loyalty are often a matter of viewpoint.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | Police Procedural

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

Contributor(s): American Psychological Association (Manufactured by)

The style manual of choice for writers, editors, students, and educators in the social and behavioral sciences, this updated "Publication Manual" provides invaluable guidance on all aspects of the writing process, from the ethics of authorship to the word choice that best reduces bias.

BISAC Categories: Psychology | Reference; Language Arts & Disciplines | Composition & Creative Writing | Academic

Recycling Projects for the Evil Genius

Contributor(s): Gehrke, Russel (Author) BISAC Categories: Technology & Engineering | Environmental | General; Science | Life Sciences | Ecology - Recycling; House & Home | Sustainable Living


Contributor(s): Shreve, Anita (Author)

Nineteen years after inexplicably leaving her family, Sheila returns, bringing long-buried questions to the surface. Shreve's tale of trespass and forgiveness, secrets and the seismic force of the truth portray a family trying to understand its fractured past to begin again.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | General

Saving Sky

Contributor(s): Stanley, Diane (Author)

Stanley delivers a thought-provoking and startlingly realistic novel about the courage of one girl facing a world of tremendous evil.

BISAC Categories: Juvenile Fiction | Social Issues | Prejudice & Racism; Juvenile Fiction | Social Issues | Violence; Juvenile Fiction | People & Places | United States - Other

The Sentry

Contributor(s): Crais, Robert (Author)

Dru Rayne and her uncle fled to L.A. after Hurricane Katrina; now they face a different danger. When Joe Pike witnesses Dru's uncle beaten by a protection gang, he offers his help, but neither of them wants it. Pike and Elvis Cole soon learn that Dru and her uncle are not who they seem.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | General

Sexy Forever: How to Fight Fat After Forty

Contributor(s): Somers, Suzanne (Author); Galitzer, Michael (Foreword by) BISAC Categories: Health & Fitness | Diets | Weight Loss; Health & Fitness | Healthy Living; Health & Fitness | Women's Health | General

Shaking the Family Tree: Blue Bloods, Black Sheep, and Other Obsessions of an Accidental Genealogist

Contributor(s): Jackson, Buzzy (Author)

Jackson presents a glimpse inside the quirky and obsessive world of genealogy enthusiasts, while investigating her own tangled family tree.

BISAC Categories: Reference | Genealogy

The Short Reign of Pippin IV: A Fabrication

Contributor(s): Steinbeck, John (Author); Morsberger, Robert (Introduction by); Morsberger, Katharine M (Introduction by)

A work of antic political satire from an American master In "The Short Reign of Pippin IV," John Steinbeck turns the French Revolution upside down as amateur astronomer Pippin HA(c)ristal is drafted to rule the unruly French. Steinbeck creates around the infamous Pippin the most hilarious royal court ever: Pippin's wife, Queen Marie, who "might have taken her place at the bar of a very good restaurant"; his uncle, a man of dubious virtue; his glamour-struck daughter and her beau, the son of the so-called "egg king" of Petaluma, California; and a motley crew of courtiers and politicians, guards and gardeners.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Classics

Social Security, Medicare & Government Pensions: Get the Most Out of Your Retirement & Medical Benefits

Contributor(s): Matthews, Joseph (Author); Berman, Dorothy Matthews (Author)

Get the most out of the new Medicare drug coverage!

BISAC Categories: Business & Economics | Personal Finance | Retirement Planning; Law | Medical Law & Legislation; Law | Reference

Solar Electricity Basics

Contributor(s): Chiras, Dan (Author); Rao, Anil (Illustrator); Aram, Robert (With); Nelson, Kurt (With)

A clean and simple introduction to generating electricity from the sun.

BISAC Categories: Technology & Engineering | Power Resources | Alternative & Renewable

Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker

Contributor(s): Stoller, Debbie (Author); Yan, Adrienne (Illustrator); Dolan, John (Photographer)

Written in the author's cheeky chick style, this heavily illustrated book--featuring four-color photographs and instructional illustrations throughout--is chock-full of instruction, inspiration, and to-die-for designs, from a fishnet skullcap to a lacy evening wrap.

BISAC Categories: Crafts & Hobbies | Needlework | Crocheting

Strategic Moves

Contributor(s): Woods, Stuart (Author)

Stone Barrington's undercover dealings with MI6 have brought in a big new client for the Woodman & Weld law firm, and the firm is willing to pay Stone a huge bonus and make him a partner. But Stone gets wind of an impending scandal that might torpedo his big promotion.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | General; Fiction | Suspense

Though Not Dead

Contributor(s): Stabenow, Dana (Author)

Kate Shugak and the rest of the Park rats are stunned by the death of Old Sam, Kate's 87-year-old uncle and foster father. In his will, he leaves almost everything to Kate, including a homestead deep in gold mining country that no one knew he had and a letter that reads simply, "Find my father."

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | Women Sleuths

Threats at Three

Contributor(s): Purser, Ann (Author)

After a dead body is found in a canal, Detective Cowgill believes the murder is connected to a suspicious fire and a heated dispute over saving the local village hall. Time to turn to the ever reliable Lois Meade to sort out the culprits.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Mystery & Detective | General

Tick Tock

Contributor(s): Patterson, James (Author); Ledwidge, Michael (Author)

A rash of horrifying crimes tears through New York City, throwing it into complete chaos and terrorizing everyone living there. Immediately, it becomes clear that these offenses are not the work of an amateur, but of a calculating, efficient, and deadly mastermind. All too soon, another appalling murder leads Detective Michael Bennett to a shocking discovery that exposes the killer's pattern and the earth-shattering enormity of his plan.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Thrillers

Treat Me, Not My Age: A Doctor's Guide to Getting the Best Care as You or a Loved One Gets Older

Contributor(s): Lachs, Mark (Author); Lachs M D, Mark (Author)

Renowned geriatrician Lachs explains how to navigate a complex and confusing system to make the best choices now that lay the groundwork for a satisfying, active lifestyle that lasts well into the golden years.

BISAC Categories: Health & Fitness | Health Care Issues; Health & Fitness | Reference

U.S. Constitution for Dummies

Contributor(s): Arnheim, Michael (Author); Jacobs, Andy (Author); Arnheim, M T W (Author) BISAC Categories: Political Science | Civics & Citizenship; Political Science | Constitutions

Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World

Contributor(s): Freston, Kathy (Author)

The bestselling author of "Quantum Wellness" offers a fresh look at veganism, examining in detail 10 life-changing promises of a plant-based diet to physical and mental health. Includes a chapter on where and what foods to buy.

BISAC Categories: Cooking | Vegetarian & Vegan; Cooking | Health & Healing | Weight Control

Viaje Al Centro de La Tierra

Contributor(s): Verne, Julio (Author)

This book is a classic 1864 science fiction novel by Jules Verne. The story involves a professor who leads his nephew and hired guide down a volcano in Iceland to the "center of the Earth." They encounter many adventures, including prehistoric animals and natural hazards, eventually coming to the surface again in southern Italy. From a scientific point of view, this story has not aged quite as well as other Verne stories, since most of his ideas about what the interior of the Earth contains have since been proven wrong. However, a redeeming point to the story is Verne's own belief, told within the novel from the viewpoint of a character, that the inside of the Earth does indeed differ from that which the characters encounter.

BISAC Categories: Juvenile Fiction | Fantasy & Magic; Juvenile Fiction | Classics

Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume One: Knit & Purl: The Ultimate Stitch Dictionary from the Editors of Vogue Knitting Magazine

Contributor(s): Malcolm, Trisha (Editor)

An essential reference for knitters from novice to expert, this fully illustrated sourcebook is the first of three "stitch dictionaries," to be written by the professionals at "Vogue(R) Knitting." Some 300 stitches are detailed, and hundreds of charts, photographs, and illustrations make it easy to understand how to construct each stitch, as well as the ways they can be used in projects. The experts at "Vogue(R) Knitting" demonstrate rib stitches such as brioche, herringbone, chevron, and quilted patterns; traveling patterns like parquet, ripple, and diamond stitches; lace, including daisy and wave patterns; and such unusual stitches as eye of lynx, bobble block, peppercorn, and bamboo. The most complete book of its kind, this is the definitive stitch reference!

BISAC Categories: Crafts & Hobbies | Needlework | Knitting; Crafts & Hobbies | Reference

The Wake of Forgiveness

Contributor(s): Machart, Bruce (Author)

In the winter of 1910, Karel rides in the ultimate high-stakes race against a powerful Spanish patriarch and his alluring daughters. Hanging in the balance are his father's fortune, his brother's futures, and his own fate.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Historical | General

The Weird Sisters

Contributor(s): Brown, Eleanor (Author)

A major new talent tackles the complicated terrain of sisters, the power of books, and the places we decide to call home.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Contemporary Women; Fiction | Literary

You Know When the Men Are Gone

Contributor(s): Fallon, Siobhan (Author)

An army of women waits for its men to return in Fort Hood, Texas. Through a series of loosely interconnected stories, Fallon takes readers onto the base, inside the homes, into the marriages and families.

BISAC Categories: Fiction | Short Stories (single author); Fiction | Literary